The Woolshire Pillow

The Woolshire pillow is a Standard or Queen (20"x30) wool filled pillow with an organic cotton inner case. Our pillows are handmade in northern Idaho using local Northwest wool which has been cleaned and carded without the use of chemicals. The carding stretches the wool fiber into batts, which does not clump up like loose wool fill does.

The inner case is a strong and luxurious long-staple woven cotton grown by Texas family farms. It is certified organic and does not contain pesticides, genetic engineering, chemicals, or any additives. It is un-dyed and completely natural.

Loft is available in thin, medium, or full. 

Thin - Flat pillow without much loft. Perfect for those who don't like much head elevation (1 Pound of Wool)

Medium - Standard fill pillow for more neck and head support (1.5 Pounds of Wool) 

Full - Full fill for back sleepers and wide shouldered body builders (1.75 Pounds of Wool) 

Extra Full - Our fullest and most firm pillow made with compressed wool to reduce compression. Similar in size to the Full, but more firm (2.25 Pounds of Wool) 

* Please note: Because wool is a natural product and has no chemical adulterations, the wool batting will compress some within the first 6 months of regular use. Sleep on different parts of your pillow to ensure even compression. Flip your pillow over on occasion and sleep on the other side. You can also fluff your pillow by hand. Taking care of your pillow will ensure that it will last you for decades to come. Don't be afraid to size up if you prefer a high amount of loft. The Extra Full option has compressed wool to reduce compression.