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The Woolshire Pillow

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Free Shipping to US Customers!

Free Shipping to US Customers!

Why You'll Love This
  • 100% US Grown Organic Cotton and Virgin Wool
  • Incredibly Cozy
  • Free from any toxins or chemicals
  • Handmade

The Woolshire pillow is a Standard or Queen (20"x30) wool pillow with an organic cotton inner case. Our pillows are handmade in northern Idaho using local Northwest wool which has been cleaned and carded without the use of chemicals. The carding stretches the wool fiber into batts, which does not clump up like loose wool fill does.

The inner case is a strong and luxurious long-staple woven cotton grown by Texas family farms. It is certified organic and does not contain pesticides, genetic engineering, chemicals, or any additives. It is un-dyed and completely natural.

Loft is available in thin, medium, or full. 

  • Thin - Flat pillow without much loft. Perfect for those who don't like much head elevation (1 Pound of Wool)
  • Medium - Standard fill pillow for more neck and head support (1.5 Pounds of Wool) 
  • Full - Full fill for back sleepers and wide-shouldered body builders (1.75 Pounds of Wool) 
  • Extra Full - Our fullest and most firm pillow made with compressed wool to reduce compression. Similar in size to the Full, but more firm (2.25 Pounds of Wool) 

Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic material and mold/mildew resistant. Our wool pillows have been crafted with exclusively virgin wool so they are both soft and supportive. Some of the other incredible properties of wool pillows:

  • Temperature regulating
  • Durable
  • Free from all artificial chemicals 

* Please note: Because wool is a natural product and has no chemical adulterations, the wool batting will compress some within the first 6 months of regular use. Sleep on different parts of your pillow to ensure even compression. Flip your pillow over on occasion and sleep on the other side. You can also fluff your pillow by hand. Taking care of your pillow will ensure that it will last you for decades to come. Don't be afraid to size up if you prefer a high amount of loft. The Extra Full option has compressed wool to reduce compression.

Wash & Care

Unlike synthetic pillows which become filled with dust mites, wool is naturally resistant. However, if any accidents occur we recommend spot cleaning with an organic soap. If your pillow is completely soiled, you can wash on delicate or wool cycle with a full load of laundry (cold water only). Putting the pillow in the dryer will damage the wool so please hang dry.

You can occasionally refresh your pillow by placing it in the sun for 30 minutes at midday.

Sleep As Nature Intended

Natural Virgin Wool

Woolshire pillows were built as nature into them. When you lay on wool you are connecting your sleep to nature. They have no chemical gases, unlike memory foam and polyfill pillows.

Our pillows trace their roots back to how our ancestors slept. In a world of cheap, mass-produced, and synthetically made products, the Woolshire Pillow is a champion of a bygone era, a champion of quality. At The Woolshire we reject the plastic mindset, no chemical baths, no micro-plastic shedding, fashioned and crafted by a family of artisans.

Here are some of the awesome properties of wool pillows:

100% Natural
Allergy Resistant
Moisture Resistant
Temperature Regulating


Wool naturally regulates body temperature. During the summer months, it vents heat and in the winter, it will keep you nice and cozy. 

Wool pillows are also naturally moisture-wicking, which makes them more resistant to the accumulation of mildew and dust mites. As a result, our wool pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for humid environments. 

Crafted For Comfort

Each one of our wool pillows is 100% handmade. All of the measurements, cuts, and sewing are done by hand at our Idaho base, which allows us to build an incredibly comfortable and durable pillow. We value quality over efficiency. 

Woolshire pillows are made with materials sourced from the U.S., which allows us to tightly control over quality. The wool we use comes from the Northwest U.S. and our cotton is sourced from Texas. It all comes to Idaho where we make the pillow you’re sleeping on. 

Common Questions

Are Wool Pillows Good For You?

Wool pillows are some of the healthiest pillows you can sleep on. Between being non-toxic and 100% natural there is no better option.

Do Wool Pillows Go Flat?

Wool will compress over the first month or more of using them. However, you can pick from our many fill options and size up if you're worried about your pillow not having enough support.

Can You Wash Wool Pillows?

Yes! We have an in-depth guide under "Wash & Care" on this page. Since wool is a natural material you do have to be careful when washing your pillow so as not to create unnecessary damage to the fibers.