About Us

We got married in 2019 and built our home together in northern Idaho the following year over a long winter. We have grown toward a more natural way of living in the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, and the pillows we sleep on. We both find that while modernity does bring great comforts, it is also shortsighted in much of its innovation. The problems it claims to fix are often riddled with even more cancerous results that won't be known until we find the cancer to be terminal. This is why we find ourselves constantly looking to the past to find the solutions we need for the future.

Shortly after having our first baby in March of 2022 we decided that we wanted to greatly reduce the amount of synthetic materials in the home. It's becoming known that plastic is playing a role in infertility, reducing testosterone and sperm count, as well as causing increasing health issues. After learning that we were laying our heads on a conglomerate of plastics, glues, and poisonous chemicals for eight hours a night, we knew we had to come up with a solution. When we started to learn about the unique properties of wool, we decided it was the perfect material for a pillow. Wool is naturally flame retardant, self-cleaning, and temperature regulating. It retains its loft, is moisture-wicking, and it is very cozy. It has been used by humans for its incredible properties since the Stone Age.

We only live a couple hours from sheep country so we contacted a friend in Montana and ended up finding a sweet elderly couple that still run an old wool mill. They clean the sheared wool from local sheep with organic soap and card it into wool batting. We buy this wool directly from them and know exactly the quality we are getting. We wanted to keep everything stateside to support US farms, reduce supply chains, and control quality. We were able to source our inner cotton case with USDA certified organic cotton grown by Texas family farms. The cotton is also GOTS certified from start to finish, ensuring no adulteration ever occurs. 

We started The Woolshire to bring awareness to fabrics and the bedding industry, to provide the best and most natural pillow you've ever slept on, and to see less chemicals but more sheep in the world.